France, On a more personal note, The Roman Empire

New arrivals

While having been quite busy lately editing films for my blog posts, I’m actually supposed to be doing something else. I’m currently researching an upcoming Thesis about the Roman presence in Gaul during the reign of Augustus.

It will (hopefully) be a cogent study how several Roman monuments in present day France proved significant in the process of Romanization. The Romans tended to eventually regard many things as their very own, such as the Mediterranean Sea which became Mare Nostrum, Our Sea. After successfully having subjugated all tribes in an area, the next step for the Romans was often trying to found permanent settlements for those having formerly served in the Roman military. It’s from these veteran colonies, or Colonia our modern word for colony is derived.

Then, to provide necessary stability in the newly conquered regions the Romans would provide it’s inhabitants with a variety of amenities such as permanent military presence with forts for protection, carefully planned towns with marketplaces, aqueducts for supplying fresh water for baths and agriculture – and last but not least – great monuments; to prove beyond any doubt who was in charge and that this was now Roman lands with approval from the very Gods.

Provincia NostraOur Province, was thus the name gradually chosen by the Romans for the area still known today as Provence in the South of France. It was the very first in a series of Roman provinces founded North of the Alps.


(It’s nice to have an excuse to get some new books!)